The Success Stories

1- The AMA Project

This is an amazing story of a company that is currently the country's third largest woven apparel manufacturer. Back in 1998, AMA hired the consulting services of our CEO, and assigned him the task of studying and documenting the apparel manufacturing business processes and recommending changes to those processes for better efficiency. In a series of study reports compiled between 1998 and 1999, several key manufacturing processes were documented such as merchandizing, production planning, material requirements calculations, use of sub-contractors, capacity enhancement initiatives, quality control initiatives and sampling processes. All studies concluded that there was a need to use IT as a tool to create new and more efficient business processes. AMA decided to fund an experimental software development effort.

The Results

After 5 years of development work, AMA has a complete ERP system, the first one of its kind in apparel manufacturing industry. Mr. Shahid Iqbal the CEO of AMA has the following to say about his 5 year long quest of an ERP:

"I think that putting Algorithm Consulting on the path of ERP development has been the smartest decision I have taken. I am very proud of that. AMA has a great ERP product; we have complete automation in our business processes, a free lifetime support for it by Algorithm Consulting and a guarantee for getting all current and future upgrades free of cost. However, personally for me the best thing about the whole story is to watch Algorithm Consulting grow from a one-man concern into a market leader in ERP for our industry. Nothing tastes sweeter than success. I am the happiest person when I see Algorithm Consulting growing and going places."


Without any doubt, if AMA had not funded the development effort over those 5 years, the ERP could have never been made. AMA in our view is the true father and the hero of this product and has done a great favour to this industry by mentoring this product for so many years. What's even more surprising is the fact that despite all this generous funding, AMA is not an equity holder in Algorithm Consulting (Pvt.) Limited.
2- The HASNI Project
This is another amazing story waiting to be told. HASNI is owned by the House of the Habib and at that time, it was one of the largest and most professionally run knitwear apparel manufacturing concern in the country. HASNI, through word of mouth, learned about our exploits at AMA. They commissioned our services in March 2002 to carry out a feasibility study for an ERP. The study was completed by July 2002 and immediately afterwards the project began. The product, at that time, was immature, worked only partially for woven apparel only and needed heavy modifications to work at HASNI.
The Results
In October 2004, the project was completed and went into the support phase. Most of the project objectives had been achieved by then. During one year of support phase, free upgrades such as new consumables module, enhanced engineering module, enhanced procurement requirement calculator etc. were deployed at HASNI and 2 to 3 of our support staff remained there permanently.
If AMA had been the one that started it all off, HASNI was the one that kept the momentum going. HASNI forced us to adapt our primarily woven apparel product, towards a distinct knitwear apparel orientation that the product currently possesses. The much needed funding from HASNI ensured that we developed an additional 15 modules into the product. HASNI also directed us to develop our first, albeit unsuccessful version of the financials.
3- The MAXCO Project
This has by far been the toughest test of our product. MAXCO is a wholly Italian owned MNC that has created the largest apparel-manufacturing complex in Pakistan. MAXCO chose us as their ERP vendors and implementation service providers in September 2003.
The Results
At MAXCO, there are currently 250 separate end-users of ERP performing different jobs through the ERP with various degrees of access to the system. Together they operate merchandizing, materials management, product engineering, production planning, financials and shop floor control systems. By the time, the woven manufacturing division, the sweater manufacturing division, the embroidery factory and the dye house also come into the fold of ERP, the number of actual users would definitely rise to more than 250. According to Mr. Zubair Gilani, Director MAXCO:
“I am not going to allow myself to feel happy over what we have already achieved through the ERP in the last two years because I am always worried about what we still haven't. Algorithm Consulting has been our natural partner in solving our business problems and will remain so for many more years to come.”
The list containing our gratitude to MAXCO management is very long, we will only enlist the most notable areas where their support has been absolutely critical for the product maturity:
Most of the key managers at MAXCO are either Italians, Sri Lankans or exceptionally talented Pakistani managers. The directions they provide and the exacting demands they place on software performance are truly world class. Our special gratitude is for Mr. Zubair Gilani, who has always shown limitless energy and an extreme emphasis on action. Under his able overall directions, the ERP has completely transformed and made the traditional business processes obsolete.
The volume of business, the specifications of their apparel products, the number of orders that are handled and the sheer size of the operations is simply not found anywhere in Pakistan. Even their closest Pakistani rival is at least half their size and complexity of operations. HASNI and AMA (apparel giants in their own league) look like minnows when compared with MAXCO. Faced with such mammoth size of operations, everything in our product had to scale up. The task was very difficult and took a lot of backbreaking work to meet the expectations. Having mostly done that, we feel that we are ready for any international project anywhere because hopefully, it just doesn't get any bigger or complicated than MAXCO and even if it does we'll handle it.

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