Awards and Recognitions are indeed the blood of any organization and the best motivational tool to work harder for further growth. For last six years of our existence, we have been developing a comprehensive Manufacturing Planning and Control System for apparel and home textile manufacturers. Till now, we had not presented ourselves for any award in the region because we were assuming that our product was not completely addressing the need of this industry. We were only focusing on finding, inventing and developing new functionalities in the product and effectively addressing the client's business needs.


For the first time in the history of this organization, our product was nominated for one of the biggest IT award in the country (P@SHA) and proudly won the prestige without any competition. This is the proof of our product's strength as well as the expertise of our people who worked relentlessly to develop and implement it on different places across Pakistan.


According to our current international marketing strategy, we presented our product on an international forum, the biggest IT exhibition of Bangladesh (BASIS). The response in the exhibition was demanding from us to stay focused in the region as the local industry really needs such a product for its growth.


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