Costs and quality play an ever-important role within the apparel industry. Simultaneously, apparel manufacturers are often confronted with customers demanding a shorter delivery time. That is why the need is growing for accurate and detailed information for the management of all aspects of the production process.





ALGOERP Release P2 [ Apparel Manufacturing Solution For Small & Medium Enterprises ]


The P-2, a comprehensive enterprise solution, targeted towards the needs of small & medium sized apparel and home textile manufacturers across the globe. The product contains 17 modules ranging from merchandising to the actual order costing.

ALGOERP Release P3 [ Apparel & Home Textile Manufacturing Planning and Control System ]

The Release P-3, a comprehensive Apparel Manufacturing Planning and Control System, helps your enterprise by ensuring efficient capacity and material planning, timely arrivals of materials due to effective integration of suppliers via a supply chain network, reduction of procurement and process lead times, organized tracking of orders and their progress, providing real time inventory valuation, automatic costing and order settlement. .

Quick Response Sampling
The product is generally owned and operated by marketing and production departments. They set sampling targets, generate sampling requirements and monitor their progress till the delivery of samples to buyers. Marketing managers use this module as a quick and reliable way to accomplish prototyping, salesman sampling and other marketing driven sampling tasks including producing proprietary collections. Production managers use this module to complete buyer specified sampling requirements such as top of the production, approval or pre-production samples.

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