Product Resources
The spirit of AlgoERP, the purpose it serves and the multi lingual interfaces that it will soon have, are all there to serve the global apparel manufacturing and export industry. This industry is truly global in nature and operates under exactly the same business dynamics; Western apparel retailers trying to find the least cost producer who ships in time and according to the product specifications. Whether that industry is located in the sub-continent, the Far East, the Eastern Mediterranean or the Eastern Europe, the demands on the industry remain the same and so do the business processes. Our resolve is that P-3 should remain absolutely identifiable with global apparel manufacturing industry. The product has only one purpose, to create efficiency and drive down the costs within this industry, the location on the globe notwithstanding.

Product Resources is a permanent section of our web site, for better understanding and analyzing our Product features and advantages. Contents of this section update periodically with latest details about the product, Data Fact Sheets, Demos and FAQs.


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