Product Modules


The module performs all traditional merchandising tasks that include sampling, costing, order taking and generating preliminary trims, accessories and fabrication requirements. The module automates most of these tasks and as a result, incidents of errors and misunderstandings in product specifications are minimized. This is besides improving the overall quality of product specifications that are received from the buyers and supplied to internal functions.


Product Engineering / Pre Production Planning
This module builds a sound foundation over which both procurement and the production is based. It verifies the approved samples and converts them into bulk manufacturing specifications. The module also creates sewing, finishing & packing layouts with the help of a time and motion tool called MODAPTS. Additionally, Trims and accessories consumptions are reviewed and verified in this module before making purchase.

Production Planning
Apparel industry deals with a planning challenge that involves materials, processes, resources and lead-times that differ with each style. The demand is cyclic with high seasonal peaks followed by troughs of inactivity. While the bottom line remains quick and timely shipment with quality, thin margins do not allow room for errors. The Planning challenge is multi-tiered and complex. At the Management tier, confirming an order shipment date is a risky business in case the plant is already booked out while running a plant under capacity is even more so. For the master scheduler, the most important challenge is how to set valid and realistic production targets for the order commitments already made by the Management. There is high priority to run an efficient plant with neither excess capacity nor bottlenecks. For MRP controllers, the challenge lies in creating detailed plans for an order by breaking it up into several individual jobs. They need assurances that resources chosen for the jobs will have available capacity and the procurement will not fail in securing all raw materials in time and in correct quantity. At finite scheduler level, valid day-to-day schedule for all the work centers must be created, refined, readjusted and constantly monitored against actual performance. The schedules must be integrated to achieve high throughput and low work-in-process inventory. The P-3 Production Planning Module is a comprehensive, one of its kind and an effective planning solution that completely meets all the above computational challenges faced by a large manufacturing enterprise.
Fabric needs, specifications, consumptions and manner of fabrication differ in every product. The FAB module accurately calculates the requirements and maintains the integrity of specifications. Secondly, it creates the right fabrication process and procures right raw materials. Its own MRP plans and tracks all fabrication activities in various work centers and storage locations. Finally, it manages the linkages between accounts payable and inventory in the General Ledger.
Materials Management
Trims and accessories are variant materials whose need, specifications and consumptions differ from order to order. As the first challenge, the MM module accurately calculates the requirements and maintains the integrity of specifications. Secondly, it helps locate the right procurement source and processes, releases and tracks the POs till goods’ receipt. Finally, it manages the linkages between accounts payable and inventory in the General Ledger.

Production Activity Control

This module provides daily work schedules, manufacturing specifications and daily targets to all work centers; calculates correct quantity of materials to be drawn from the storage locations and releases them to the floors; and finally, captures all work completion and rejection reports from the floors to compile a real time order progress for the planners, work-in-process inventory for G/L and actual order costs for Management.


Financials provide an integrated financial package that includes General Ledger and financial reporting, a fixed asset management module and management of cash, bank, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The key integration points with other AlgoERP® modules are inventory and vendor payables in MM module, Work-in-Process and finished goods Inventory in PAC module and the whole of Order Costing and Budgeting module.
Order Costing & Budgeting

This module automatically costs a style on the basis of consumption, material costs, process costs and overheads. Upon creation of an order containing multiple styles, it then creates the order’s budget, which is a planned cost for order processing. This budget includes expected costs under various heads such as trims and accessories costs, embroidery costs, printing costs, overheads, fabrication costs and direct labour costs etc. The budget also includes the expected profit from the order.

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