Efficiency Gains after Implementations

The Generalization in the Efficiency Model

For the sake of representation, we have tried to generalize the efficiency based on our previous successful implementations in the last 6 years as well as our ongoing implementations. We have chosen most of the following assumptions to be true:
The business has a sales turnover of Rs. 1 billion or more with 100% revenues coming from exports of home textiles or apparel products to western retailers.
There is no manufacturing Planning or Control system at work except some stand alone accounting, inventory, payroll, time management and production MIS systems at work.
The product has been completely implemented over a period of 1.5 to 2 years of effort and all other legacy systems have been shut down.
The system is neither bypassed nor ignored by the senior management and the managers who do, are relieved of their responsibilities and replaced by managers who adhere to the system.
The organization structure has been modified where necessary to create an independent work force of merchandisers, apparel product engineers, competent planners, supply chain managers and production managers that are directly answerable to the executive management.


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