Implementation Methodology – PLC


Project Life Cycle explains various phases of AlgoERP® implementation process and the division of responsibilities between Algo and its client. The project life cycle is specific to a module only. At any given time over the life of the project, most AlgoERP® modules are in different phases from each other.


Initial Phase
The objective of the Project Planning and Initiation phase is to establish the framework that will be used to manage the project. During this phase of the project, roles and responsibilities for the Algo as well as Client team are clearly defined along with the processes and procedures that will be used to manage the project.

Requirements Phase

The objective of this phase is to analyze current business processes and systems (related to implementation of the in-scope AlgoERP® sub-module) in order to determine the new AlgoERP® functional and system requirements. During this phase, Algo team and Client’s team will participate in SRS workshops. These workshops help compare existing business processes with AlgoERP® business processes. Where there is an accord, the UCMLs are approved and signed-off by the client.


Implementation Phase

The objective of this phase is to parameterize the product in accordance with the client requirements as well as to build the system enhancements and customizations approved during the Requirement Phase.


Go Live Phase

The objective of this phase is to make an already customized and tested system available to the end-user for acceptance testing. After testing the system, any remaining bugs are identified and removed. The system is then put into operational use by running it parallel with the legacy system. At client's management discretion, a formal decision to shut down the legacy system is taken. From this point onwards, the system is on its own and any additional Change Requests (CRs) demanded by the client are subjected to separate development time lines and separate billing and invoicing mechanisms.


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