Hasni Hosiery Mills (Pvt.) Limited [Karachi, Pakistan]

Hasni is one of the major players in the knitted garments in Pakistan. It has an annual turnover of $11 million with a vision to be a global player in the apparel industry. This is why, Hasni decided to start implementation of AlgoERP in August 2002. Following is the excerpt of the vision of Mr. Salman Habib, Director of Hasni Hosiery Mills, believing how AlgoERP could solve his business problems:

I believe that with implementation of AlgoERP, computers would take care of repetitive functions like order routings, optimization of available capacities and identification of bottlenecks and calculations of purchase order release dates for materials and order release dates for operations. Thus, our people would be able to focus on issues like delivery performance improvement and reducing wastages, lead times and WIP. AlgoERP would also lower the inventory carrying costs, ensure timely arrival of materials, bring necessary discipline at the storage locations facilitating recycling of materials, help avoiding quality mishaps and would help us to find out how much money we are making on any single order enabling us to increase the throughput.


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