Ali Murtaza Associates (Pvt.) Limited [Karachi, Pakistan]

Ali Murtaza Associates, consecutively for the last five years, has remained one of the top five manufacturers and exporters of woven garments in Pakistan. From its humble beginnings in the late 80's, the organization's annual turnover is US$ 24.24 million for the year 2005, with a manufacturing ability of 4.68 million garments per year. It employs approximately 2000 persons and serves EU and USA apparel markets. AMA's production lines include some famous brand names, basic everyday wear, children's items and ladies wear. Over the last 14 years, AMA has shown a compound 30-40% growth rate. This is an impressive performance given the fact that apparel manufacturing is an extremely competitive industry with huge barriers for new entrants and an unforgiving market that does not provide a second chance for errors.



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