Our Hiring Process
Our hiring philosophy is simple. “We aspire to hire the best”. At Algorithm Consulting, we not only need people with good academic background and a constant flair to improve things, but also people who can understand and map business processes and constantly add value to operational as well as organizational imperatives. As a rapidly growing organization we are on a constant look out for leaders who can share the burden of managing and improving this organization. We need people who can think, who can communicate effectively and can make things happen. Applicants may find our hiring process lengthy and rigorous but that is the only way to make sure that the people who make it through are the people who fit in the aforementioned role. Our recruitment process is as follows:



• Aptitude Test (GMAT & GRE format – 1 hour duration)


• Technical Test (Only for Software Developers – 1 hour & 40 min. duration )


•  Emotional Quotient Test (To evaluate candidate's personality features – 40 min. duration)


•  Group Discussion

•  Final Interviews



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