Business Analyst

Trainee Business Analyst (Fresh)
Business Analyst (Relevant Experience of 1+ Years Required)
Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager (Relevant Experience of 3+ Years Required)


The business analyst will have in-depth, hands-on involvement directly with clients implementing the AlgoERP. A key responsibility will be working directly with users of the AlgoERP to gather and document their business requirements and then working with the client project/systems team to implement those requirements. He/She will then typically follow up with the users to test the implementation, achieve signoff, and continue to move the system toward go-live.

The business analyst will work with the system, configuring it and testing that it meets the business requirements.

He/She will also be responsible for helping users identify Change Requests (CRs) in the core AlgoERP product, helping users create detailed functional specifications for the CRs, and negotiating with the client to determine whether those CRs will be implemented by core AlgoERP product or not.
During development of enhancements, the business analyst will work with AlgoERP development team to test functionalities to ensure they will meet business requirements.
The business analyst will provide training to the users on basic use of the system, new functionality, etc.
Project Management work will be expected as a Senior Business Analyst. In particular, the business analyst will manage issues and track timeline of development deliverables, in order to keep the client informed of progress. Additionally, the business analyst will update the client with the development schedule, project plan, as well as identification of key setup and configuration tasks, scope considerations, timeline and scheduling, and resource requirements.
Software Engineer
Software Engineer (Fresh)
Senior Software Engineer (1+ Year Relevent Experience Required)
System Architect (3+ Year Relevent Experience Required)
Actively Participate in all stages of development lifecycle from application design to implementation.Design and translate complex business model to functional specifications. Work with Business Analyst to design data schemas to support reporting requirements.
Strong proficiency in DOT Net Platform
Experienced in XML, XSL, JavaScript, VB Script.
Strong Proficiency in SQL Server
Ability to work well within a team environment
Proficiency in working with different web servers and application servers such as IIS, JRUN, etc

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