OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer ) Partnerships


By definition, OEM is a producer that provides a product to its customers, who proceed to modify it before distributing or use it as a component in their own product. By using OEM partnership, organizations develop a business-to-business relationship in a particular area where some other organization has an edge in the segment. Through this partnership, we incorporate some intelligent inventions of other companies in our product and provide direct advantage to our clients rather than reinventing the wheel.


Since 1978, The Sate House has been developing and selling Electronic Control Systems, Automatic Dispensing Systems and Centralized Control Systems for processing plants with turnkey solutions. Always focused on technology and innovations in its systems, it offers products highly useful to the clients allowing improvements of the work to increase production with quality and to reduce processing cost. As an OEM partner, Sate-IT is providing us its Electronic Control Systems, Dispensing Systems and Centralized Processing Control System to implement at our clients, to automate their processing units and to provide feedback to the AlgoERP






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