Our People Expertise

Recruiting, training, directing, controlling and retaining specialized work force is the biggest challenge for any organization. The staff expertise alone created this complex product. We had to bring together professionals of five separate disciplines. We also had to learn to live together despite differences in our backgrounds and core competencies and had to cope up with the ever-present uncertainty of a novel and unproven business model. The following expertise made the creation of this product possible:

Manufacturing Planning and Control systems (MPC) Expertise

The modern day Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems are based on a fully mature body of knowledge known as operations management. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, there is no formal education and qualification available in these subjects. Despite these obstacles, we regularly conduct 250 hours of in-house classroom training for our consultants. So far, 6 training batches of more than 40 individuals have qualified the MPC training. Without MPC professionals' continuous training and grooming, our ERP system could have neither been created nor successfully implemented.

Domain Expertise

We need in depth apparel and home textile manufacturing domain knowledge. However, given the state of education within the industry, we could never hire anyone from within this industry, instead we kept our management trainees at the factories for years so that they could learn first hand. Over the years, stringent qualification and hiring criteria have resulted in creating a culture of excellence. Our consultants generally are more knowledgeable on business processes than even the managers serving in the industry. Without creating and retaining this pool of expert knowledge, it would be nearly impossible to implement our product at our clients.

Expertise in International Accounting Practices

We have separate accounting professionals with the necessary expertise for the financials and costing modules of our product. We are also one of the 15 organizations in the country that enjoy the “ACCA approved employer” accreditation. This ensures that we always have a steady supply of eager ACCA trainees who wish to join our firm and gain some hands on experience on financial modules of the ERP. Our clients also prefer that financials module should be handled by accounting professionals.

Software Engineering Expertise

We maintain a pool of more than 30 software engineers. In last 6 years more than 130 software engineers have joined or left us at various stages and have contributed towards the development of the product. We have one of the most stringent hiring processes for developers; only top 5% of the university graduates generally make it through. Upon joining, they are required to qualify a 5-week in-house training course on current technologies, before they are assigned any operational duties.

Expertise Of Our Resellers

The product still would not have found any clients until a well thought out marketing strategy was at work right from the start. The biggest job was to create a product that the market really needed at a price that they were willing to pay. The fact that our CEO and Director both are masters from IBA, Karachi has been immensely helpful in putting the right product marketing strategy in place.


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