Our Core Values

Respect for the Individuals. We respect everyone's right to be whatever he/she wants to be. We respect the individual's right to express. In our line of business, it is the individuals and the creativity that they bring with them that matters the most. Trying to muzzle individualism by putting it under some conformist yoke is the surest way to lose an individual and perhaps gain a slave.


Keeping the Client's Interest Paramount.It is our faith that, while keeping our personal agendas aside in every aspect of our conduct, the path to personal glory lies through the organizational success by making a client happy. And the only known way to make a client happy is to add value to his business. In fact Algorithm's ability to generate any profit is directly proportional to the value that we can add to client's business.


Realizing Algorithm Consulting believes in realizing honestly and openly what we don't know and in making consistent efforts to cover the knowledge gap by adopting the difficult path of continuous learning. We believe that without this realization, one cannot have sufficient incentives to learn more about the subject.


Emphasis on Action Algorithm Consulting appreciates ‘experimenting with something … or anything!’ rather than debating endlessly about something that we have never done before. We want to do it first and apply rapid corrections so that the results start appearing. Algo expects its members to follow rapid developments and rapid corrections in short bursts of creative energy, rather than toiling for perfection while not communicating with anyone else.

Sharing Information with Other Team Members Algo encourages its employees to share information with each other so that everybody can benefit from it. It provides guidance for positively influencing other team members and/or sub-ordinates as well as the client's representatives by playing the role of a leader.


Meeting Quickly At Algo, the employees meet informally on short notices to take decisions through objectivity, transparency and consensus.


Always Presenting Ourselves with Complete Accountability Everybody feels accountable to others and holding them accountable as well. We believe that one should never do anything that we cannot talk openly about and justify it to others. If this is followed in letter and spirit, then we can safely say that the requirements of accountability have been fully met.


Becoming Better and Knowledgeable Workers By Investing time and energies into improving our internal processes, we become better and knowledgeable workers. The way we gather, store, process and present information has to be continuously improved and strengthened so that we keep becoming better and better in our development process. That indeed is the true work of a knowledgeable worker.


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