Industry Focus

Algorithm Consulting Algorithm Consulting has made no fundamental changes in its business model since last 6 years of its existence. The company has no other revenue generating activities such as reseller relationships with other product vendors, offshore software development services or business process outsourcing services. The company has made no attempts to make any other product for any other industry in the past, nor is there any such plan for the foreseeable future.


The result of such a long and consistent focus on a single product, a single industry, and the creation of synergy by merging professional boundaries of many separate disciplines, has been very positive. AlgoERP release P-3 has been sold on 6 occasions at an average price of Rs. 20 million per implementation. This makes the P-3, perhaps the most expensive ERP in the country. The fact that it has been sold at all at this price is an endorsement for both, our business model, as well as, our product's excellence. Another interesting fact is that there has been no successful implementation in Pakistan of any rival ERP product within the apparel manufacturing industry.






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